BACKSTAGE BACKSTAGE with the Great PLACIDO DOMINGO at the Operalia Competition in Paris 13754934 with Soprano MIRELLA FRENI the great Diva at the Operalia Competition in Paris 13754955 with Soprano DIANA SOVIERO Diva Assoluta!!! Great lady, artist and mentor 13754953 with Tenor ROBERTO ALAGNA one of the greatest concerts I've seen in my life with 3 encores with orchestra and around 6 with piano! 13754936 with Tenor GREGORY KUNDE Kunde to the right, one of my favorite tenors and great inspiration, colleague Joel Cardona in the center. After a great performance of Bellini's I Puritani at the MET, bringing down the house with his high F! 13754957 with Tenor Marcelo Alvarez, 2004 13754933 with Tenor RAMON VARGAS, 2006 One of the best tenors nowadays, after a beautiful Roméo at the MET 13754950 with Maestro DAVID ZINMANN, Aspen Music Festival 2008 the great yet humble David Zimmenrmann at the Concerto Competition winner's concert at the Aspen Music Festival. 16601450 with CORRADINA CAPORELLO I love this wonderful lady since the first day I worked with her and it just keeps growing! Love you Maestra! 13754932 with Tenor ANTONIO BARASORDA Great Tenor and mentor 13754954 with the Great MARTINA ARROYO, 2009 One of the greatest Sopranos of the late XX Century, great artist and mentor 51230651 with Baritone MARK RUCKER, 2009 and Soprano Seung Hee Lee. 51230652 with the Great JANE EAGLEN and accompanist Natsuko Yanagawa at the Aspen Music Festival 51230653 with Maestro KEMAL KHAN after performances of Puccini's "Il Trittico" 13754956 with the Great VINSON COLE at the Aspen Music Festival 51230654